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HYDRO PLAST specializes in offering the most suitable thermoplastic piping systems for all kinds of fluid transportation applications. Conventional metal systems tend to corrode and rust over time and cannot handle corrosive materials either. Moreover, the ease of installation, coefficient of expansion/contraction and cost effectiveness are some of the major considerations which make thermoplastic systems preferential over the traditional metal systems. Our sales engineers are trained extensively in fluid control processes and applications and we focus on delivering the REAL value for your money rather than just intrinsic value. We believe in working with the best and delivering the BEST which enables us to stay the BEST in the market. No matter how difficult your application is or your connection, we will always have the right solution to your problem. We offer an extensive range of PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings ranging in size from 1/4″ – 16mm to 16″ /400mm. Our competence is that we can offer an extensive selection of piping standards, developed by various organizations across the globe. Pipes are offered in various end connections i.e. socket end, plain / spigot end or Z joint and fittings can be joined through socket, spigot or threaded connections using recommended solvents cements and cleaners. Kindly refer to technical manual for chemical compatibility and relevant information.

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