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What are the basic values and principles at hydroplast?

There are a few basic values and principles at Hydroplast that ensure we provide you, our customers, with the best quality product and service. Consistency, reliability, and relationships of trust are the core principles upon which Hydroplast stands. We combine hard work with impeccable skill and constantly work towards producing products that are of the highest standard, at a fantastic capacity.

What is the core business of hydroplast?

Hydroplast’s core business is manufacturing and selling PVC-U Fittings, HDPE Fittings, PP Compression Fittings and Valves, Pressure Pipes, Welding Machines, Solvent Cements, Cleaners and more. Hydroplast’s products can be used across many industries, such as Wastewater Treatment, Irrigation & Landscaping, Mining, and more.

Does hydroplast manufacture all the products shown on this website?

Yes, all the products shown on this website are manufactured by Hydroplast, using top of the line materials, creating products of the best quality.

What is the process of raw material procurement?

Hydroplast uses and makes raw materials to manufacture plastics for pipes, fittings, and valves. All raw materials are procured and made in a highly safe and ethical manner to ensure the best quality product and service.

What is the Quality Assurance process at Hydroplast?

Our manufacturing process is designed with several quality assurance checks carefully placed through different phases of the manufacturing process. Alongside this, Hydroplast has adapted vertically integrated structures and other strict quality control measures to ensure that every single product meets the high-quality standard, from the beginning of the manufacturing process until the product is packaged and sealed.

What is the after sales policy at hydroplast?

Hydroplast’s after sales policy includes after sale customer service, where we can help you with product installation and quality.

How can we get techincal advise from hydroplast?

You can contact us at +92- 309-2229631, +92-21-35056661/2, or sales@hydroplast.pk for technical advice and help.

I am interested in working for Hydroplast, how can I apply for job opening?

If you are interested in working for or with Hydroplast, please contact info@hydroplast.pk or call at +92- 309-2229631

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