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Most of the items in piping systems can be quantified quite accurately at the designing stage but the only items which always falls short of the projected requirement are the accessories. Therefore we always carry huge stocks of all kinds of accessories. HYDROPLAST offers a variety of cements for plastic piping from light to medium and heavy bodied cements suitable of PVC, CPVC and ABS piping systems. Light duty cements are used for drainage applications whereas medium body cements are more useful for pool and irrigation applications. Heavy body cements- while being suitable for the application suggested earlier- are useful for pipes of diameters up to 16″ and for high pressure applications. Cleaners and primers are highly recommended to ensure a perfect, leak free joint. Teflon tapes are recommended to ensure a seal tight connection when making a threaded joint. These come as a standard 10mtr roll offering 1/2″ 3/4″ and 1″ widths. EPDM gaskets are recommended for most of the fluid handling applications and for making flanged connections. Our stocks include ring types as well as full face gaskets for all sizes, the sources being some of the best global vendors to ensure life-long continuous performance. Whether one needs to measure the flow, pressure or temperature of the fluid involved, we offer a standard range of flow meters, stainless steel pressure gauges and gauge guards. Gauge guards protect pressure gauges from contamination and corrosion damage.

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